Safe Sleep Week – Slings

Slings are a useful way to carry your new-born baby around, but there are some important safety considerations to be aware of.

Slings are good for the promotion of bonding and provide security for your baby as well as a way for parents to keep their baby close while going about their day. Not all slings are dangerous, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) recommends that parents choose their sling carefully, and be aware that there are risks attached.

Because baby’s airways are soft they can block very easily leading to suffocation. ROSPA recommends that a carrier that keeps the babies chin off their chest, thereby keeping the airway clear. The fabric of soft slings can press against a baby’s face and can cause suffocation in as little as a minute or two. In slings, where the baby is nursed in a ‘C’ shape, the baby’s head is more likely to flop forward, blocking their airway.

The Consortium of UK Sling Manufacturers and Retailers provides the following advice to baby sling wearers:

‘Keep your baby close and keep your baby safe. When you’re wearing a sling or carrier, don’t forget the T.I.C.K.S acronym:

  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off the chest
  • Supported back’


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