#HVWeek My Health Visitor Training Journey

A year ago I left my job as a midwife to train as a Health Visitor. As I reach the end of my training I realise what a challenging yet rewarding journey I have been on. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I am excited about my future career. There are opportunities to take on specialist roles and develop special interests. Health Visiting is interesting and diverse as no two days are the same. I have been lucky to be part of an enthusiastic and approachable local 0-19 team with support and wisdom to help me to grow.


A child’s welfare is of ultimate importance; it is why I am here to do the job I do. Part of my role is to support parents to do the best for their children, to promote health and safeguard. Being a Health Visitor for me is not about telling parents what to do, but about supporting them to make changes; equipping them with the skills they need and empowering them with evidence based information to do the best they can for their children and family.


I enjoy the continuity and the holistic approach of Health Visiting. It is about the whole family and their individual needs. It is a privilege to be able to go into parents’ homes and work with them and their children.


Emma Elkington    

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