12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 9

Keeping well over Christmas


Five sleeps to go everyone!!  We are on the home stretch and the children are counting down until Christmas Day.


It must be time for another Christmas cracker joke. What do elves use for money? Jingle  Bills. Ho ho ho!

Talking of elves, have a look at our blog for information about how to keep ‘Elfy’ and where to go if you need some medical advice over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is a busy time with plans for meals, presents, and meeting up with families and friends. Our simple Top Tips will help you keep your children safe, avoid any unintentional injuries and let you enjoy the festivities.

‘’We want to help people prevent their festivities being cut short by a trip to A&E,” says Sheila Merrill, home safety manager at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

“Our message is that the home should be as safe as necessary, rather than as safe as possible. With a little more care and forward planning, most accidents could be avoided.’’

Medicines are the most common cause of accidental poisoning in children with painkillers being the most common culprit. Make sure that visitors to the house don’t leave any medicines lying around in handbags or on bedside cabinets. Also be aware of the risk posed by refills for  E cigarettes and button batteries.

When visiting relatives or friends, it is a good idea to look around as soon as you arrive for those things which may be a hazard such as bunk beds which are not suitable for children under six years of age. Be aware that blind cords can cause fatal injuries so make sure that if they are not fitted with a safety device they are looped up high out of the reach of children. While it is not practical to take some of your home safety equipment with you, supervision is essential to ensure that your children are not exposed to any unecessary risks.

Keep children out of the kitchen while the Christmas dinner is being cooked  to avoid burns and scalds.

Avoid using candles, especially near a Christmas tree or Christmas decorations and check that fairy lights are working. See our blog on electrical safety at Christmas.  Make sure pets and children are supervised near the Christmas tree and that lights are turned off when not in use. Check that smoke alarms are working and that they are firmly in place.

For further advice about keeping safe at Christmas see http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Healthychristmas/Pages/Christmasinjuries.aspx

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