12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 10

FATHER Christmas


Christmas can be a difficult time for fathers.


As Health Visitors, we believe it is important to empower men who are expectant/and/or fathers and carers and enable them to feel that they can ‘father’ in whatever capacity they are able.


If you are a dad, you may not always have the opportunity to be with your children throughout the festive period and this can feel isolating, but there are some key points that you can employ if you choose.


  • Spending quality time with your children by reading stories, going to the park, writing them a letter if you are not able to be there in person


  • Going on a treasure hunt, messy play, baking, washing the car, fixing the bike, playing games, all support the relationship with the child.


Children will appreciate being with you whatever day it is. By removing expectations that all Dads will be available all the time, you should feel more confident to do what you can, when you can.

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