If you are symptom-free and have decided it is a good idea to have a sexual health screen for peace of mind, it is possible you may be booked into a ‘FLY-BYE’ clinic. This is a simple 15 minute appointment with a specially trained health care support worker.  You will be offered appropriate self-screening tests and a blood test (if you would like it) and arrange with you how your results will be given.

It is not appropriate to be booked into a FLY-BYE clinic if you have symptoms as this will need to be assessed by someone who is able to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication. In some cases you may need to book a further appointment if you need extra tests or vaccinations.


Remember staff in our sexual health clinics are trained to support you through whatever your needs are and are not here to judge. Our aim is to put you at ease and make your visit to our clinics as comfortable as possible. If you are at all worried ask the booking clerk on the appointments line if you can speak to someone.