What happens in our sexual health clinics?

Booking an appointment – This can be done direct (you do not need to be referred by a doctor) by calling the central booking line on 01522 309309   (8am – 7.30pm Mon –Thursday, 8am – 4.30pm Friday)

The booking clerk may ask you some questions, these are to make sure you are booked in with the correct person and will help us to sort out any problems you may have more efficiently.  If you have difficulty answering questions the booking clerk can arrange for you to speak to a health adviser.

When you attend the sexual health clinic of your choice you will be asked for some basic information. We need a name, date of birth and a way of contacting you. The name you give us does not have to be your own, but you can be reassured that any information will be treated with utmost confidence.  When we have booked you into our system, a unique patient number will be generated which will be used to identify you on any correspondence that leaves the clinic (e.g. samples do not have your name on them – they are labelled with this unique number). You may have been asked to hold your urine for a couple of hours prior to your appointment

You will be called from the waiting room by number or first name only and taken into a consultation room by the doctor or nurse you have your appointment with.  Most of our staff are female but it may be possible to book an appointment with a male doctor if this is your preference.

Remember staff in our sexual health clinics are trained to support you through whatever your needs are and are not here to judge. Our aim is to put you at ease and make your visit to our clinics as comfortable as possible. If you are at all worried ask the booking clerk on the appointments line if you can speak to someone.