To book an appointment, including ‘FLY-BYE’, call the central booking line on 01522 30930 9             (8am – 6.30pm Mon –Thursday, 8am – 4.30pm Friday)


If you are over 16 years, you can also order your own self test kit via here


Our clinics

For you nearest clinic, simply click here



GU Medicine Department, Boston Health Clinic, Lincoln Lane, Boston, Lincs, PE21 8RU


Monday            8.15am – 7pm

Wednesday      8.15am – 7pm

Friday                8.20am – 4pm



GU Medicine Department, Grantham Hospital, Manthorpe Road, Grantham  NG31 8DG


Monday                       9.30am – 3.30pm

Tuesday                       8.15am – 7pm       

Thursday                     8.30am – 7pm       



Riversdale Health Clinic, 21 Westgate, Sleaford, NG34 7PY

Monday                          8.15am – 4.15pm

Tuesday                         3pm – 6.15pm



GU Medicine Department, Lindon House, 134 Dixon Street, Lincoln, LN6 7TU


Monday                        8am – 7.15pm                                            

Tuesday                       8am – 7.20pm                                            

Wednesday                  8.30am – 7.15pm                                           

Thursday                      8am – 7.15pm                                            

Friday                           8.30am – 4pm

Saturday                      10am – 2pm



GU Medicine Department, Skegness Hospital, Dorothy Avenue  PE25 2BS


Monday                         1.20pm – 7.10pm

Thursday                       1.20pm – 7.20pm



The Health Clinic, Hickman Street  DN21 2DZ


Monday                        8.30am – 4.20pm

Wednesday                  8.15am – 7.15pm



Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding Road, Pinchbeck, Spalding, PE11 3DT


Monday                          9am – 4.30pm

Thursday                        8.30am – 7.15pm




Louth County Hospital, Primary Care Arch, High Holme Road, Louth LN11 0EU


Tuesday                        10am – 7pm

Wednesday                  8.15am – 7.15pm



Caistor Health Centre, Dale View, Caistor, LN7 6NX


Wednesday                   9.15am – 5.15pm


Compliments and Complaints

Whilst we are always very pleased to receive comments in appreciation of our services, we acknowledge that we do not always get it right.  Our aim is to provide the highest standards of service and we welcome your comments and suggestions to assist us in achieving this aim.

If you have a concern, we aim to do all we can to resolve it as quickly as possible. There are a number of ways that you can help us do this. Please click on the link for more information