In line with government policy, the school nursing service assesses the health needs of children and involves families and young people in how resources are effectively targeted.  We do this by asking parents of children aged 4-5 years (reception year) and children aged 11-12 years (year 7 children) to fill in and return a simple questionnaire.  Completion of the questionnaire is optional.


The questionnaires are distributed through schools (or sent out by post by Lincolnshire County Council if your child is educated at home). Parents will be asked to return the completed questionnaire to Lincolnshire Community Health Services using the freepost envelopes provided.  Year 7 pupils are given the opportunity to complete their questionnaires in school and hand them to the nurse following the introductory talk about the school nursing service which is given to all year 7 pupils during the autumn term.  Alternatively, freepost envelopes are available for their return.  All information in the questionnaires is treated as confidential and is stored in the electronic child health record, although anonymous information about health trends may be shared with other agencies to improve services.


A member of the school nursing team may contact you following completion of the questionnaire to offer health advice, information and support if this is indicated.


If your child’s questionnaire is not returned to us, we may contact you to offer you a further opportunity to participate in this important assessment of your child’s needs.

School entrant health questionnaire 2016

Year 7 HNA questionnaire 2016