Nappy rash can occur in most babies at some time but more commonly within the first 18 months.

It is generally caused by:

  • Certain soaps and baby wipes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rubbing and chaffing
  • Try to change wet and soiled nappies as soon as they are soiled.
  • Aim to change nappies 10-12 times a day in young babies
  • Aim to change six-eight times in older babies
  • Allow baby to lie on a towel with nappy off for short intervals, to allow the skin to dry and heal.
  • Apply a good barrier cream
  • Use water and cotton wool rather than baby wipes to clean nappy area
  • If the rash appears bright red, prolonged or with white or red pimples present, seek medical advice as this may be due to nappy thrush.