Chicken pox is a mild, common infectious disease which most children will contact at some point. The spots present very quickly starting on the face, neck or upper body. They initially appear like a mosquito bite and then appear like small sac filled spots, which are very itchy and sore.

Try using calamine lotion to soothe and prevent itching. If your child has a fever or is in pain, use Calpol as instructed by the manufacturer’s instructions.


Measles is a very infectious disease. Vaccination of MMR is the only way of preventing it as there is no treatment.1:5 children with measles will experience complications including ear infection, diarrhoea and vomiting, pneumonia, eye disorders or meningitis. 1:10 children will be admitted to hospital due to complications.



  • Bad cold and cough with watery eyes
  • Gradually becoming unwell with a temperature
  • Rash – usually begins behind the ears and spreads to face and neck

Home treatment include giving fluids and painkillers. If you think your child may have measles, seek medical advice.