#HVWeek A Day in the Life of the Strategic Clinical Professional Lead 0-19

My day normally starts early checking emails and phone messages before leaving the house. First today, I am heading to meet with the commissioner, Lincolnshire County Council for the Health Visiting Service to discuss the pilot scheme we have in place to develop and deliver free Antenatal Classes for parents to be. A general update and […]

#HVWeek My role as a Health Visitor Practice Educator

I think we are always searching for the “dream job” that will give us different rewards and leave us feeling valued. Well, after a lot of searching I have come across such a job.   At times, it is demanding and requires a lot of juggling, as many roles and responsibilities form the basis of […]

#HVWeek My Health Visitor Training Journey

A year ago I left my job as a midwife to train as a Health Visitor. As I reach the end of my training I realise what a challenging yet rewarding journey I have been on. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I am excited about my future career. There are opportunities to take on […]

#HVWeek – A day in the Life of a Health Visitor

By Frances Nicol   9:00am – The day usually starts off with a strong coffee and a review of my diary, patient records and ever bulging task list.   9:30am – First stop, Primary Birth Visit for a first time mother and her 11 day old baby. Mothers can be at their most vulnerable at […]

Safe School Journeys

It’s ‘back to school’ for lots of Lincolnshire children this month, which means a whole new world of challenges to face on a daily basis; one of these being the journey to and from school. Children aged five years and above are better at spotting dangers than younger children, but they can still be impulsive […]