12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 11!

Assessing Healthcare over Christmas   Christmas is nearly upon us, and for most of us, the Christmas tree is up, the presents have been bought and wrapped and the children are looking for the elf on the shelf.  Keep ‘Elfy’ with our tips to keep germs at bay and know where to get help if […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 10

FATHER Christmas   Christmas can be a difficult time for fathers.   As Health Visitors, we believe it is important to empower men who are expectant/and/or fathers and carers and enable them to feel that they can ‘father’ in whatever capacity they are able.   If you are a dad, you may not always have […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 9

Keeping well over Christmas   Five sleeps to go everyone!!  We are on the home stretch and the children are counting down until Christmas Day.   It must be time for another Christmas cracker joke. What do elves use for money? Jingle  Bills. Ho ho ho! Talking of elves, have a look at our blog […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 8

8 Benefits of Trampolining for Children We have all seen the new advert featuring the trampoline as a Christmas present. Check out some of the benefits that trampolines can offer:   Teaches persistence It takes time to master specific skills on a trampoline, but because it’s so much fun, kids will often persist until they […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 7

Alcohol Christmas is coming and the party season will soon be in full swing. This is a time that young people gather to celebrate and join in the fun. For most this is enjoyable and harmless fun. But what should young people and their parent/carer be aware of to keep themselves safe at this time […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 6

Drugs/legal highs Christmas is approaching fast and the party season will soon be in full swing. Alongside alcohol there is also the risk of drugs and legal highs being used. Drugs and legal highs are less accepted and are not seen as normal behaviour for most. Most young people will have some understanding of drugs […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 5

Speech & Language Therapist’s Gift Guide   Play time is a great time to support speech and language development. With Christmas coming, here are some ideas for toys and games that will encourage children’s communication:   Messy Toys Children love to get messy and explore different textures. When we play with sensory toys, we can […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 4

Don’t weight for January to think about healthy eating   When the Christmas shopping is done and the tree is up, it is all too easy at Christmas time to sit back with a mince pie and a tin of Quality Street and forget about the diet until January. Wouldn’t it be nice to forget […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 3

Mobile phone chargers – be safety savvy   Product misuse is the top cause of accidental fires in British homes and the number has increased by over a third since 2009. (Electrical Safety Council) Think about safety around mobile phone chargers as these have been shown to be hazardous and lots of young people will […]

12 Blogs of Christmas – Day 2

‘Safety first’ when buying toys this Christmas Christmas is not quite here but that does not mean we have to wait for a Christmas cracker joke. What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow…… Christmas is a time for families and children and we all know that Father Christmas likes […]